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Steve, Elyce and Madison

So Steve and Elyce were supposed to have the wedding on July 20 this year but as life goes things happen and little things pop up (or out as the case may be) and the ceremony got postponed. The little thing is this case is the very sweet Madison. The very proud parents came into the studio to have their gorgeous girl photographed when she was but 8 days old. What a privilege! She is the cutest little bundle you ever set eyes on. She was a gem through the whole shoot only a little squawk when she needed a feed and then angelic again. Thanks for the honor of seeing your precious girl so soon.  Cheers, Stephen

Adam, Margaret and Charlotte

I love my job! I get the opportunity to celebrate with mums and dads the new lives they bring into the world. These new little beautiful amazing human beings are a delight to watch and play with. They grow and change and learn and wonder and…. Adam and Margaret brought their beautiful new little girl Charlotte into the studio for some baby portraits and some family portraits at the same time. She is the most amazing calm little girl (OK so she lost it at one point but she had been going for almost 2 hours so we can give that to her). Thank you Adam and Margaret for the honour and pleasure of being the first to photograph Charlotte! Cheers, S


Katharine, Cameron and Will

I met the Lanham clan out in beautiful Samford Valley a few weeks ago for their portrait sitting on a sunny March afternoon. The weather was perfect with a few clouds scudding across the sky and the ducks and geese walking along the water’s edge. The three of them wandered through the field and sat down by the lake and chatted away while I snapped a few frames off. We continued on our merry way up through the path to the forest and continued to make some magic images of the family, each of the individually and Kath and Cameron as couple for their engagement sitting. The day ended with the loving couple standing in the sun by the lake just cuddling. Aaaah – isn’t love grand! Hope you like the pics. Cheers, Stephen